About Us

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Durham Transport Express

Durham Transport Express is a family-owned and operated flatbed transportation company based out of Shreveport, Louisiana with over 12 years of experience in the industry. We specialize in transporting freight by way of logistics, flatbeds and vans. Customer satisfaction is where our pride is and with our transportation abilities, we will handle your material matters with determination and success.

Durham Transport Express was established as a flatbed trucking company to provide customers with first-rate transportation solutions on the market.

We resolve our customers’ transportation issues such as damage and loss of goods. We came up with solutions to combat these problems and offer hassle-free transportation services to businesses and individuals alike. We also provide training courses through Durham Transport Academy to impart our experience and skill to the interested parties. All of our CDL courses include hands-on projects designed to be the best learning experience for our clients. Transportation companies rarely realize the amount of care and quality of the equipment that is needed to deliver the goods. In the end, the delivered products are found to be damaged or missing, leaving behind frustrated customers. Thanks to the state-of-the-art equipment we use in our transport operations, we deliver your products without a scratch. Our team of experts makes sure your load is packed safely, carried with care, and delivered with 100% customer satisfaction.

isolated semi truck

Our Mission

Durham Transport Express strives to exceed the highest level of customer service from point A to B with freight transportation and exceeding the industry standard for vocational truck driver training, allowing graduates to achieve the maximum outcome.