What CDL Courses Teach

Are you interested in becoming a commercial driver license (CDL) driver in Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, or Mississippi? Durham Transport Academy is the place to start. We specialize in training CDL drivers and are committed to providing the best training possible. We offer vast educational courses to teach the ins and outs of driving commercial vehicles, as knowledge and expertise are highly required in this field of work.

Our course is one of the most comprehensive in the country and will more than adequately prepare you for a rewarding career in truck driving. If you are interested in partnering with us for your future, get in touch with us today!

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Become A CDL Driver

At Durham Transport Academy, we strive to be the best in the business when it comes to vocational truck driver training. We are passionate about giving you the necessary tools to launch a successful truck driving career. Truck driving is a profession that provides a sense of satisfaction, adventure, and opportunity.

From delivering goods to local businesses to helping communities across the country, truck drivers play a crucial role in keeping the US running smoothly. If you want to join the ranks of these dedicated professionals and become a CDL holder, consider Durham Transport Academy for your truck driver training needs. We are committed to helping you achieve your goals and exceed the industry standard.

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What We Do

Are you looking for a top-notch trucking school? Our comprehensive program provides cost-effective and detailed course material, along with hands-on training experience. We strive to keep it straightforward and easy to follow. Our CDL training course will give you the kind of exposure you need to become a commercial driver!

We understand the challenges of losing important documents and load parts during freight transportation, and our course is designed to provide you with the necessary knowledge to avoid these issues. In general, we aim to not just be another CDL driving school, as our team of expert instructors aims to become true mentors for each student. We want you to feel comfortable and confident while attending class each and every day!

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What You Will Learn With Us

During the four-week, 160-hour program, you'll have the opportunity to gain an in-depth understanding of driving commercial vehicles. The curriculum is similar to that of a traditional driving school, including learning how to shift gears and understanding proper turn radius.

You will also be educated on the laws and regulations that govern CDL drivers and how they should act while on state and interstate highways. Our course is among the most thorough in the nation and the skills you will gain will give you the tools to embark on a successful career in truck driving.

Your Opportunity Awaits

At Durham Transport Academy, we are dedicated to providing the best training and educational experience for our students. We understand that truck drivers have difficult but important jobs and that we need to equip them with the proper knowledge and skills to be successful in the industry. Our course is designed to do just that. After completing our training, you will have the opportunity to start a career in truck driving, one that is rewarding and full of adventure. With the knowledge and experience you gain from our program, you can confidently tackle any situation that may arise when driving a commercial vehicle.

Take the next step in your career and enroll in our CDL training course today. With Durham Transport Academy, you can be sure that you are getting the best training and education available. So, what are you waiting for? Start your journey today and join the ranks of skilled truck drivers!

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