4 Benefits Of Getting Your CDL

When you receive your commercial driver's license (CDL), several benefits open up to you! At Durham Transport Academy, our trucking school in Louisiana provides the training you need to obtain your CDL. Our training program is top quality because we recognize how important our nation's truck drivers are to the supply chain. The four-week long course will teach you everything you need to know about driving commercial vehicles so that you can enjoy all the benefits of receiving your CDL!

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Commercial Truck Drivers are in High Demand

Now more than ever, commercial truck drivers are in high demand, and there is a clear shortage of qualified drivers. When you receive your CDL through Durham Transport Academy, you will enter into a job force that has plenty of available job opportunities.

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A Number of Jobs Require a CDL

For nearly all professional truck driving jobs, you will need to have a CDL. Requiring a CDL ensures trucking companies that their drivers have been properly trained and are qualified to drive trucks. At our trucking school in Louisiana, we follow the standardized CDL training program so you can feel confident and knowledgeable when you receive your CDL and begin to apply for jobs. Having your CDL will give you an advantage in the job field since most jobs will require having it.

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Great Starting Pay

Commercial truck driving is a job that deserves great starting pay for the long hours spent behind the wheel. While some trucking companies will pay more than others, receiving a CDL can make you more qualified for high-paying jobs! At Durham Transport Academy, we use our 12 years of experience in the industry to prepare you for a rewarding career in truck driving.

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Flexibility and Job Security

Among the benefits of pursuing a career in truck driving, flexibility and job security are two of the most important. The economy depends upon truck drivers to keep the supply chain working, so you can count on job security in this industry. Receiving your CDL through our CDL school in Louisiana will make you an even more invaluable employee. What’s more, trucking jobs offer freedom and flexibility to drivers. You can schedule your routes, decide if you prefer long or short routers, and design your schedule to fit your lifestyle needs.

Are you ready to receive your CDL with Durham Transport Academy?