How You Can Get Your Commercial Driving License

The United States supply chain cannot properly function without fleets of commercial driver license (CDL) drivers transporting materials from place to place. This lucrative, travel-oriented career is possible with the right classes and training from Durham Transport Academy in Louisiana; our truck driving institute specializes in provisioning high-quality, necessary education to new CDL drivers. Contact our CDL school near Louisiana and discover how easy it is to get your license with Durham Transport Academy!


Find The Right School

If you’re ready to take on a new career as a long-distance truck driver, it’s important to research CDL schools near Louisiana so you can find the right choice. Remember to take into account not only the truck driving institute’s location, but also the types of classes and quality of education they provide to students. Durham Transport Academy, for example, maintains a five to one student to trainer ratio and dedicates a large amount of time and energy to mentoring new CDL drivers.


Successfully Complete Courses

Once you meet all the necessary enrollment requirements, the bulk of your journey to receiving a CDL license depends on you successfully completing all your coursework. The classes and training you participate in can differ depending on what truck driving institute you choose, but Durham Transport Academy’s four-week long, 160-hour long course covers all the ins and outs of the industry. With the help of our minority-owned and woman-owned truck driving institute, you can graduate with a starting salary of $55,000.


Practice Your Driving Skills

The ability to apply your newfound driving and trucking skills to real life situations is important in order to build a successful career. After completing all your Durham Transport Academy coursework, make sure you log a significant number of hours actually operating a big rig or large commercial trucking vehicle. Searching through all the CDL schools near Louisiana will connect you with truck driving institutes that require a certain number of logged practice driving hours.


Pass The CDL Knowledge Test

It all comes down to this — actually taking your truck driving institute exam that qualifies you to receive a CDL license! After all the studying and mentorship you’ve received from Durham Transport Academy’s experienced, qualified instructors, you have a chance to illustrate how knowledgeable you’ve become. Passing the CDL knowledge test is the final step towards acquiring your truck driving license and launching a lucrative career.

Enroll With Durham Transport Academy in Louisiana Today

If you’re interested in earning your CDL license through our truck driving institute, contact us today to get started! The Durham Transport Academy requires all CDL students to have a high school diploma or GED, a traditional driver’s license, a social security card, proof of residency, and a clean driving record from the past three years. Learn more about our coursework and classes today!

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